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The word RELATIONSHIP – reminds me of EMOTIONS and I realize that emotions are fluid and ever changing.

Our relationship with Food can bring about:

Feelings of happiness, joy, satisfaction, pleasure, nurturing, love


Stress, compulsion, frustration, and sabotage by adopting toxic beliefs about food and appetite.

I will discuss the topic of Toxic Beliefs in a future blog / video.

When cultivating a relationship with others, we often times give great care and consideration to the desired outcome or goal.

In relationships with others, we have an intention. We want something from the relationship and we take action to work toward our goal to have our desire fulfilled.

It occurred to me that our relationship with food mirrors or reflects our relationship with self.

We may use food to re-live the past, or distract from the future. Many times, we are not present with our food. And this may be true when we are alone with ourselves.

My intention of this video / blog is to bring awareness and invite you to be curious about your relationship with food and relationship with self.

Are you cultivating the relationship in a way that will bring you your desired goal?

Healing our relationship with food EMPOWERS us to heal our relationship with SELF.

In Yoga, we say Namaste – the light in me honors the light in you.

I want to remind you to take a moment to honor the light within yourself so that you may share your light with others.

Healing our relationship with food heals our relationship with self.

A healthy relationship with self contributes to healthy relationships with others.