My intention of this blog and video is to get to the heart of who we are as eaters.  How do we show up at the table? How have we programmed ourselves to relate with food?

There are many toxic beliefs around food.

  • Food is the enemy – we require food in order to live. It cannot be the enemy.  It is good, it nourishes us, relaxes us.  Food is powerful.  Food is something we love.  Food is required for survival.  Saying food is the enemy is like saying oxygen is the enemy.  It isn’t so.
  • Fat in food makes me fat – low fat diets make no sense. Essential fat – brains, hormones, cell walls.  WE NEED FAT IN FOOD.  Healthy fats. Essential fatty acid deficiency results in irritability, fatigue, low energy, moodiness, inability to absorb fat soluble vitamins, dry skin or over oily skin, skin that loses its glow, depression, digestive upset, anger, and inability to lose weight, and sometimes weight gain, to name a few.  Fat is essential for LIFE.
  • Less food / More exercise is the royal road to happiness – nothing could be further from the truth.

When we tell ourselves these toxic beliefs, we launch our system into a stress response, which can affect your mood, adrenals, energy, digestion, and immunity to name a few.  These beliefs translate to living in misery and suffering.  These beliefs toward our relationship with food will drain your energy and health rather than nourishing it.

BELIEFS – when we are working on ourselves, writing our owner’s manual, and finding our way on our journey, we adopt certain beliefs.

For a personal example of the POWER OF BELIEF, watch my video HERE

With FOCUS & INTENTION, you can rewrite your story.

How might you choose to rewrite your story?

I’d love to hear from you.